“But a consensus appears to be building that treating your workers terribly is not necessarily a sign of success or realism. It’s just bad business.”
“Shah, who serves as social innovations director for the workers’ group, believes the growing use of employees is part of a broader shift taking place in the on-demand economy. “I think what’s really happening is a larger shift toward focusing on workers, and this is just one way that it’s taken root,” Shah said.”
“Palak Shah, the social innovations director at the National Domestic Workers Alliance, is trying to help service platforms like Alfred and Honor provide jobs that provide stability and solid pay through emphasizing the value that qualified, dedicated workers provide.”
“The National Domestic Workers Alliance, which organizes nannies and housekeepers, recently produced what it calls the Good Work Code, which it has urged gig economy companies to adopt.”
“Last week marked an important step forward as the NDWA unveiled the Good Work Code, a new initiative to promote good work in the online economy and change the conversation about labor in the 21st Century.”


“We think Silicon Valley has done a brilliant job in solving our convenience and efficiency challenges,” said Palak Shah, social innovations director at the National Domestic Workers Alliance. “But now we think there is a way to solve for equity.”
“We did a whole round of innovation to solve for efficiency and convenience. Let’s now do a round of innovation for solving for equity and derivatives of equity.”


“Now momentum is building for broad-based nationwide efforts to improve the lives of independent workers.”
“Flexibility, livable wages and room for growth. These are just a few things that make up a “good” job.”
“Today, (NDWA) announced the first 12 companies to sign (the Good Work Code.) Each company will share initiatives that they are launching under at least two of the principles on the Good Work Code website.”